Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Days

The summer days are winding down and school approaches. I've been spending my summer watching Mad Men on Netflix, dreaming of living in a mid-century designed world with fancy dresses, shiny convertibles, and sipping old fashioned's . Oh, and Don Draper...mmmm. I've also been painting a little. A small piece for the baby's room of Leonard Nemoy as Spock, because what baby doesn't want to grow up looking at the coolest Vulcan in the universe?
I've also begun shopping for little items to decorate my little man's room. I think we are going for an Atomic 50's style, complete with vintage toys, science books and starburst everything. We still have so much to buy and I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I've also been getting a little weepy lately, which is driving me crazy (and michael I'm sure). I think once school starts, and I am once again preoccupied with teaching freshmen Biology and helping seniors pass their proficiency exam, I will be ok. I've just been sitting idly with my thoughts and troubles and it certainly isn't doing anyone, any good.

Aside from this, I look forward to every bump, kick, and somersault my baby offers me. It is truly an amazing feeling and I am just so happy and grateful to be able to experience these moments.

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