Monday, July 11, 2011

Bend it Like Beckham

Michael and I were in the car Saturday afternoon, driving to the university, so he could finish some lab work. I stared out the window, soaking in the fabulous rainy weather we'd been receiving lately, when out of nowhere a strong series of poking erupted at the very bottom of my tummy. It scared the crap out of me at first, as it was a feeling I had never experienced before. Then I realized that this must be my little man kicking the crap out of me, and not just a case of some crazy gas bubbles. Throughout the rest of the day I felt more baby nudges but nothing like what I first experienced in the car. The next morning I laid in bed trying to feel more little kicks, and sure enough, they started up again. They were really really strong and I knew it had to be possible for Michael to feel them. There was no way he wouldn't be able to, so I woke him up, grabbed his hand, and placed it on my belly. For a little while there was nothing, but eventually our little baby felt the need to kick the hell out of my stomach, and Michael was finally able to feel it. It was the best feeling ever, knowing that Michael was able to feel our baby as I did. I am so excited for all the new and upcoming surprises that will be heading our way throughout my pregnancy. 20 weeks left! My oh my.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boy Oh Boy

Well, it has been definitely been a while since I was last on here, and quite a bit has occurred since then. First thing's first, our little munchkin, who has been growing inside of me for the past 19 weeks, is in fact a little baby boy. We are so very excited and I can't express in words just how anxious I am for this little dude to come out and join us.

Michael was very very pleased with the news, as I knew he would be. The ultrasound took a little longer than usual, because the technician was having trouble showing us our baby's tiny...wiener. haha.
He kept his little legs closed tight, but eventually we were able to see a glimpse of his profile...and sure enough there it was. And boy oh boy, let me tell you, he is most definitely a boy.

Once we found out what we were having, we took a quick trip to babies r us to see if we could buy our first few bits of baby clothes. To our dismay and...disgust....boys' clothes these days apparently all look like white trash rags. I don't get it. They either all have a sports theme, cartoon theme or slogans. What is this crap? ugh. So, I think we will be buying a silkscreen kit and making our own clothes, or shopping on etsy for a bit. This shop is pretty awesome.

Besides all this, I am doing well. I am 19 weeks and starting to regain my energy again. woohoo!! I went to the library this past weekend and rented a cheesy Buns of Steel prenatal workout video. It's pretty bad, but it helps me feel like less of a fat ass.

Well I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. Have a wonderful night!!!