Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Plans Have Changed

I originally wanted the birth of my child to done in a hospital, because let's face it, this is how it's been portrayed on television and in's how I came into the world, and my brother, and my husband. So of course it made sense to me to follow the advice and practices of others and partake in a birthing experience in the confines of my local hospital. In addition, Michael and I are both science nerds, and have come to trust the advances of modern science medicine. We were in the experienced hands of a good doctor, so we had nothing to worry about. Right?

It wasn't until I stumbled upon a post in one of my favorite blogs when I completely shifted my views on what the birthing experience should truly be like. I read that this woman was choosing to go under the care of a midwife, because she wanted to be in control of her delivery. She didn't want to have to lie down in bed, hooked up to machines and iv's. She wanted to be able to move around and let her body do what the female body has done for thousands of years. Why didn't I think of that? I mean honestly, you can't fuck with hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

In retrospect, I trusted the hospital system. I honestly didn't believe that they would knowingly go against my natural birth plan. I mean, if they knew what I wanted, wouldn't they follow my lead?

Yeah, well that whole idea was shot down after watching The Business of Being Born. I came to realize that doctors will do what is convenient for them, even if it means putting the inconvenience on the patient. My own doctor offered to induce me a week early and provide me with a Caesarian when the time came. Ugh.

So now, Michael and I are looking into midwives and I am so excited to take an active role in my child's birth instead of just sitting on the sidelines, letting others call the shots.

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