Monday, May 30, 2011

13 Weeks 5 Days

I am a very active person. Before I was pregnant, I would run, or ride my bike, and eventually worked myway up to completing two triathlons. But lately, all I want to do is SLEEP! I have never been this exhausted in all of my life. Today I woke up at 7am, fed my pups, made myself a smoothie, and crawled back into bed.
Then I woke up, took a shower, munched on some homemade hamantashen and homemade potato salad, plopped down on my bed with a belly full of food, and snoozed for another hour.

If sleeping all day didn't make me so groggy and my body so stiff, I don't think I would object to doing it.

I am thirteen weeks and five days pregnant today, and with each passing day, I grow more and more excited for my son or daughter to arrive. Michael has been so sweet since we found out I was pregnant. He takes such wonderful care of me, though I try my best not to milk it too often. I can't stand when pregnant women refuse to do anything because of their "condition." I prefer to do things on my own, and sometimes I tend to bite off a little more than I can chew.....but, if my love offers to clean the dishes or vacuum the house, or make yummy cookies and banana could a girl refuse?!

It is Memorial Day today, and unfortunately I will be spending the day writing a few pages of my thesis, due on July 1st. I can't wait until this is over, so I can enjoy my summer and start setting up the baby's room. With school and work, I barely have the time to wipe my own ass (just a joke) hopefully once things settle down, I can focus solely on the arrival of my little bebe.

Speaking of asses....the constipation I have been experiencing for the last few weeks has been mind blowing! (I apologize if this grosses anyone out, but I have always been the one to blatantly speak about what's on my mind). Does anyone know of a natural, pregnancy safe remedy for this large problem? I asked my doctor and he stated that mirolax is fine to take, but after researching it online, I found out it is actually a class c drug, which is not recommended for consumption while pregnant. Did I mention that I am in the process of changing doctors?

Well I hope everyone has a lovely day, while I am stuck in my office typing away!

Peace and Love. Peace and Love.


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